MyJex has experience of developing over 40 building blocks for a variety of purposes and can develop any requirement that suits your needs.

Previous work includes…

Connection to third party products

Should your institution require connectivity with third party applications, MyJex has experience in providing that connectivity from a building block to those applications including

  • Pearsons
  • RebusList
  • Google
  • InPlace


To aid your Learning Technologists MyJex can develop administration tools to improve the efficiency and speed of your work.

Custom systems we can develop include

  • Course registration
  • Course administration
  • Classified ads

Connection to different institution departments and tools including

  • Timetables
  • Library accounts
  • Institution faculties
  • Institution promotions
  • Student union


Is your Learning Management System or portal out of date, or in need to urgent maintenance. MyJex can assist you in resurrecting your system to allow a fuller use and better experience for your university or business.

Change management

Should your institution be moving to Blackboard Learn or Luminis/uPortal from a different Portal or Learning Management System, MyJex can rewrite your pre-existing code to function within your new system.